Dr. Margret Rueffler is of German American descent, a Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology, a psychotherapist and an acupuncturist.
She is committed to translating psychological principles into daily life and supporting others in this endevour. For the past twenty-five years Dr. Rueffler has been researching and developing a new field, “The Psychology of Nations”. She has worked internationally with PsychoPolitical Action Projects, collective traumata, Prevention of collective violence and has researched the collective unconscious.
Her work is based on the principles of Consciousness of Joy, empowerment, choice and self help. Out of this work has emerged  “The psychology of nations” and the Psychology of the HeartSelf-Intelligence based on the recognition that a change of inner attitude is the basis of all new. She trains others in seminars to attain this same transformative experience. She has published books which are translated into several languages.

Dr. Margret Rueffler can be invited to present at conferences and lead seminars and workshops.


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