PsychoPolitical Peace Institute Inc. 1998 New York, USA
PsychoPolitical Peace Institut 2010 Giessen, Germany
Lagu Damai Foundation 2002 Bali, Indonesia were founded by Dr. Margret Rueffler.

They derive their names from the Greek words psyche “soul” and politae “community”. Together they express the purpose of this international organisation. Through education, research, development, publications and applied action, the organization, in the time of an evolutionary paradigm shift, initiate transformation of individual, social, organizational and collective values.

Our Essential Guidelines, basic to all our programs are to view the human being as a “Self” with an unlimited potential. Empowerment of the individual leads to conscious choice and taking the responsibility to align with one’s inherent life energy of the “Self”. This in turn allows for personal growth, a new quality of life, and the fulfilment of one’s own evolutionary potential, which is translated in daily action. Individual growth and evolution influences and transforms the collective, which leads to intelligent cooperation with the evolution of the earth and humanity as a whole.