Internship with PsychoPolitical Peace Institute

PsychoPolitical Peace Institute (PPPI) is a Non Profit Organization that offers trainings, internships, and practica to national and international students. At this time, the internships cover many different fields of exploration (see video below for details). A tailored project is agreed upon between the participant and the Foundation taking into consideration the participant’s background, interests, and PPPI’s offerings. This is done via a Skype meeting and both parties will agree on a project outline.

Internships offer a profound opportunity for growth as students or graduates design their own projects respective to their background and interests. The team at PPPI provides the knowledge, support, resources, and space for the intern to experiment and learn. This includes both practical guidance and academic supervision. Here, the intern has an opportunity to focus on developing their area of interest without distractions. 

The internships will primary be conducted in Bali. PPPI has established three divisions: Lagu Damai Foundation, Jiwa Damai Agro-Permaculture and Retreat Center, and an Earthship-Inspired Build of Awan Damai, from which interns can learn and explore from. Interns also have an opportunity to immerse in the local Balinese culture and traditions through observation and hands-on experience. We aim to provide an experience that is experiential, enriching and transformative through the principals of heart-lead living and connecting to nature and the earth.

For National and International Students

Our internship program is intended to be of mutual benefit to both the Institute and the intern. We request participants to propose a project of interest that aligns with the values of PsychoPolitical Peace Institute (PPPI) and its divisions, as well as with the learning goals of the intern. The fields can be bio-argriculture, permaculture (including construction, sustainable energy, fish and pond maintenance, etc), psychology, marketing, hospitality, alternative health care, environmental research and much more. The actual application of the project in a practical setting is an important part of the internship. 

Usually PPPI internship setting is at Jiwa Damai Agro-Permaculture and Retreat Center located just twenty minutes outside of Ubud in the district of Mambal. The lush surroundings of the retreat center include a diverse array of Flora and Fauna that make it an ideal environment for students to be exposed to many different learning opportunities. The cross cultural interaction and tropical climate will give an extra dimension to any internship undertaken with us. Students will have access to local and/or international experts in their respective fields. 

We will accept students at various levels of education, but they should have some basic knowledge in their field and be open to exploring this in a very different setting, while advancing their current knowledge.

Please note that students will be responsible for arranging credits with the appropriate representative from their university; however, a certificate of completion will be issued and the student will provide a final report as a means of documentation to facilitate this process. 

 An internship can be arranged from one month to six months, depending on the project topic. Longer placements may be considered. 

How to Apply

Please download the application form and email to Also review general information with additional details.