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These books in Indonesian and Russian are available, contact for purchase

Indonesian – Para Pemain di dalam Diri Kita

Sebuah Pendekatan Transpersonal dalam Terapi 

1995, Margret Rueffler, Ph.D.,160 pages 

Batavia Press

ISBN 979-3860-19-7

English & Indonesian – Empowering Youth

A psychological-social Approach

Manual and DVD for professionals working with youths in re-socialization institutions in Indonesia

2009, Dr. Yusti Probowati and Margret Rueffler, Ph.D.,

ISBN 978-979-24-5397-3

Indonesian – Potensi Negara yang Terbengkalai

Sejarah Kasus Psikopolitik – Jerman 

2004 Dr. Margret Rueffler, 116 Pages


ISBN 3-9522112-6-5 

Russian – Our Inner Actors

The Theory and Application of Subpersonality Work in Psychosynthesis

1998 Dr. Margret Rueffler, 198 Pages


ISBN 5-89939-001-8