SEMINAR FIVE: Common values – our living creative potential

You will explore and study: Your personal motivation for becoming a peace initiator. In order to work as a peace initiator, honoring the HeartSelf-Intelligence is a basic attitude, one that manifests as appreciation for oneself and others, for cultures not one’s own and for diversity. This underlying attitude generates inner strength and allows the peace initiator to remain centered and composed in trauma and crisis situations. How making sensitive choices in trauma and crisis situations for oneself and for others creates the opportunity for innovative solutions to emerge. How to embody values in one’s life and actions and develop consciousness of joy, empowerment, choice, self reliance, and the contexts through which one’s true potential may emerge. Mirror neurons in the brain.

You will learn : What motivates you
How to honor and appreciate yourself and others
How to see differences as uniqueness and wealth
How embodied values lead to acceptance and empowerment
How the values of consciousness of joy, empowerment, choice and self reliance carry dynamic peace energy
How to model peace when working with others