SEMINAR FOUR: Rising to the challenge of individual and collective violence

You will explore and study: Your own attitudes towards conflict, fear and violence. How conflicts arise in the individual and at the group level. To differentiate between instinctive behavior and intuition. The daily exposure to the cycle of violence. The use of fear to control and manipulate individuals, groups and nations. How the destructive energetic fields of wars and catastrophes are amplified, draw in individuals and groups, and influence our reactions as well as our quality of life. How to use the inherent potential and the HeartSelf-Intelligence to discern repetitive patterns and remove yourself from the cycle.The impact of meteorites on the planet in  relationship to today’s collective violence pattern. The reptilian brain and its function.

You will learn: To recognize and embrace your own inner fears, conflicts and aggression
How to create a space to hold fear and conflicts for others
To differentiate violence in its many forms, gross and subtle
To discern violence as a symptom of an underlying cause
To use conflict as potential energy for change
To release the energy potential held by a conflict and guide it into cooperation