SEMINAR ONE: The quantum shift – unfolding the HeartSelf-Intelligence

You will explore and study : The personality as an interactive system whose characteristic traits or psychodynamic structures form a constellation around the “Self” with its creative potential. Becoming acquainted with our own inner dynamics and peace potential by allowing the qualities of the heart to unfold. The latest scientific research showing the heart as an independent organ with its own nervous system influencing organs, body and brain. The laws which govern the unfolding of the qualities of the heart. The strength and power of acceptance. We will explore how our personal feelings, thoughts and actions influence others and the field we are embedded in. Change begins within and by looking through the eyes of the heart. One’s attitude towards oneself begins to change. This, in turn, translates to a different vibration of the energetic field surrounding us. Research and measurements of the impact of the heart field vibration on our own health and environment. The heart-brain relationship.

You will learn : To experience your person as a complex system constellated around an inner, deeper, “Self” center.
To access the heart space and allow the intelligence and qualities of the heart to unfold.
To honor your own “Self” and the “Self” of others, thus creating a the way to appreciate diversity
How your emotions, thoughts and actions interconnect and affect larger systems
To connect to the peace potential deep within and guide its flow into every day action
To align the heart and the brain frequencies