SEMINAR SEVEN: Aligning with the power of peace – facilitating project design and groups

You will explore and study : Applying self–respect and the ability to handle fear and conflicts, both internal and external, in order to facilitate groups and teams. Translating these attributes into designing and developing a project in alignment with peace initiator values. Participants will be supported in techniques for allowing others to choose their design and develop their own projects according to their individual needs and environment, the process that leads to natural empowerment and taking responsibility. How self-esteem unfolds and the inherent creative potential is catalysed as the joy of creativity and hands-on action are awakened. This empowering approach, known as peace initiation, is warmly welcomed by groups in post trauma or crisis and in regions of tension.

You will learn : To shift from wielding power to empowering others
How to model multicultural acceptance
Leaderless leadership
The group as a living container for peace
An understanding of group dynamics
How to catalyze the dormant potential of the group
Design and application of a group project