SEMINAR SIX : Initiating peace -a dynamic process of new discoveries

You will explore and study: How to relate the previously studies topics to each other and integrate their multidimensional perspectives. How the inner skills and attitudes acquired in the previous seminars are expressed through appropriate communication and language. How peace is initiated through inner attitude and language that affects and empowers others and includes active listening, being present, being able to honor one’s own and others’ emotions, working with recognition, positive feedback – in short, refining authentic aucommunication skills. How using empowering language skillfully in alignment with inner values is an effective tool for resolving conflict and stimulating the prevention of violence. How, applied respectfully, it creates a vibration, sound and space, an atmosphere conducive to practicing and living peace. Re-wiring the nervous system.

You will learn : To be a catalyst for change and peace
To live change and peace as a natural way of being
The implications of peace from a psychological perspective
To align the spoken word with the inner peace potential