SEMINAR THREE : Old habits – catalyst for growth and change

You will explore and study: Looking through the eyes of the heart at the past-present-future chain of your own familial, ancestral, cultural and psychological heritage. How old beliefs predetermine present day reactions and thus the direction the future will take. The creation of openings for different future probabilities. Looking at our human ancestors: did we really descend from the apes? Using the perspective of the HeartSelf-Intelligence to see the inherited belief patterns of mother, father and ancestors. The interrelatedness of the individual with its past, culture and the collective. Becoming conscious of old limiting beliefs and behaviors which inhibit the potential of the HeartSelf-Intelligence from flowing into creating change. How turning toward, honoring and appreciating one’s own past and culture will free the peace potential within. The dormant potential of a nation. The HeartSelf-Intelligence and the transformation of cells beyond genetics.

You will learn : to think cause and effect in a past–present–future oriented perspective
To understand the role of cultural beliefs and the present day attitude to peace and war
To  choose new ways to consciously change old limiting beliefs
To appreciate yourself as a HeartSelf-Intelligence that has the potential, intelligence and power to usher in change and peace