SEMINAR TWO: The power of individual conscious choice and collective events

You will explore and study: Your self esteem as an individual in relation to a group or community you are embedded in. A collective is more than the sum of individuals; with its own dynamics, it provides the larger context in which each individual is held. Becoming aware of how one’s unconscious choices determine one’s reactions in daily life and influence collective events. Becoming aware and conscious means taking responsibility for oneself and how one influences others. Making conscious choices can re-direct one’s energy into change. The behavior of groups. A nation as a group. Different levels of group consciousness, Western individuality and group phenomena, individuality and groups in other cultures. The effects of a natural catastrophe on behavior and reactions.

You will learn : To see yourself as an individual and integral part of a collective
How thoughts, emotions and actions have a constructive or destructive influence on yourself, others and larger groups.
To discern constructive and destructive power of group events
To consciously choose peace over being a victim of manipulation through fear
How change in attitude is followed by rewiring the neurological pathways in the brain + vice versa