“…we need a new global psychology.We must learn to love the planet and humanity above anything else… a completely new world psychology must lay down our right sentimental priorities.”

Robert Muller

The One Humanity Psychology

OHP takes an integrative approach to view humanity as a living organism, an interactive complex energetic field. All issues and challenges facing humanity, from the economic- to the environment- and security crisis are perceived as interdependent and interrelated.  The  fragmented perception of the current global crisis is seen as major  challenge to be addressed and resolved to initiate a change on a planetary scale.

OHP considers humanity as a complex living organism constellated around a “Self” or gravitational center. The individual psyche mirrors the collective psyche of humanity and its past, and the sum of individuals and their past  create the collective psyche and thus influence each other.

OHP perceives the interdependence and interrelationships in various fields like international politics, economics, development, security, human rights, environment, etc. as evidence for an accelerating process of global and psychological integration effecting humanity and the entire global and planetary system. New approaches and methods are required to understand and assess these converging processes, to find common denominators,  to discover and activate the potential in each field. These combined potentials can possibly meet the challenges  facing humanity today and eventually find viable answers to  complex global and planetary challenges.

OHP fosters new ways of thinking, planning and policies in which individuals, groups and nations can intelligently cooperate with the planetary evolution which is taking place at a breath taking speed. As humanity has crossed into the 21st century some time ago, this unfolding process of finding common denominators for humanity  and moving toward a dynamic cooperation needs  a profound shift in consciousness  and requires the awareness of our interdependence and a co-creative attitude.
The United Nations, as a central point for global negotiation can be seen as the birth of a “Self”for humanity as a whole where unfolding  global processes can be observed. Thus the United Nations can be the birth place for a global psychology and a dynamic model of humanity as a living system.

Planned projects: Consciousness raising, in order to facilitate the identification of individuals with humanity as a whole . To increase awareness of the power each individual to influence collective events and thus become an active co-creator of change.

Educational: To research, develop and teach the perspective of a OHP. To develop a psychological perspective which complements current economic, strategic and other analysis.

Forecasting: To develop a computer based global forecasting system.