We are living in an extraordinary moment in time. Opportunities for a profound change in individual and global consciousness are within reach. Globalisation, climate change, terrorism, world economic crisis are challenging issues that can catapult us into developing new and exciting perspectives of peaceful dynamic cooperation. They provide means and tools for giving birth to a different reality now that the old ways of problem solving are no longer meaningful.

The challenge provides us an opportunity for becoming aware of our interconnectedness and of being embedded in humanity as a whole, which in turn depend on sustenance and nourishment by our planetary being.

Not only do a person’s attitudes, beliefs, emotions, thoughts and actions affect and influence collective events and global change, a change in one also has an impact on the others. This change does not take place outside of me as a person. I am the change and thus bring about this change. You and I initiate this change. We carry within ourselves the potential of a different future that needs to be embodied through us. The values I live and express in actions are the outward expression. Recognizing and accepting my power of conscious choice to align myself with this innate potential activates change and initiates peace.

THE ART OF INITIATING PEACE training is composed of seven seminars. Each seminar invites you to expand your consciousness looking through the heartSelf-Intelligence, from the indivudual perspective to the group, collective, humanity, and planetary perspectives and back to discover the actual changes taking place in your brain and body structures. The transpersonal psychological approach, process work, research, discussion, lecture, meditation, and work in dyads are integrated with tools and skills training which are critical for successfully facing global change and initiate peace.

SEMINAR FRAME: Seminar One is a core seminar and the basis for all the others. Seminars One, Two and Three can be taken independently of the rest of the full training. Each seminar consists of three days.

Seminar One : The quantum shift – unfolding the HeartSelf-Intelligence
Seminar Two : The power of individual choice and collective events
Seminar Three : The old habits – catalyst for growth and change
Seminar Four : Rising to the challenge of individual and collective violence
Seminar Five : Common values, our living creative potential
Seminar Six : Initiating peace – a dynamic process of new discoveries
Seminar Seven : Aligning with the power of peace – facilitating project design and groups

For dates please check current events.

Who should take these seminars?

This training is suitable for anyone interested in initiating change and peace, whether at the individual, group, organization, community, or global level and for organizations in peace building, social and economic development, environmental development and professionals in the health and healing fields, the arts, education, governance, philanthropy and other fields whose mission is to embrace an expansion of consciousness to create a peaceful dynamic world.

Internships and openings for volunteers are available on location in Indonesia

Facilitators –  Margret Rueffler Ph.D., M.A., Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM), Dr in transpersonal Psychology and assisting lecturers.
Language : English and/or German, and/or French, depending on the language abilities of the participants
Location: Giessen, Germany, New York or Bali – Indonesia. Please check  Current events
Registration :  Current events
Cost: Seminar One 560 €, each following Seminar 420 €. For prices in US$ daily exchange rate applies.

– values life, the own, human and other life forms on this planet as something precious
– shares basic values with all of humanity and perceives the cultural and religious differences as enriching
– understands the personal and collective dynamics that create fear, aggression , conflict and violence
– ecognizes events and circumstances the create inner and outer conflicts leading to violence and how they multiply
– understands which inner attitudes determine the increase and decrease of peace
– embraces the joy of living peace and can stimulate this potential in others
– appreciates the interdependence of all beings on our life-giving planet and can initiate peace in one’s own environment and with peoples in different cultures
– embodies the living global and universal values of consciousness of joy, empowerment and choice, and self reliance as peace carriers for individual and the collective.